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If I have a subscription to the Magna Monday Morning Mentor, am I allowed to share the connection instructions with others from my school?

If you are an active subscriber to our Monday Morning Mentor series you are allowed to share the connection instructions for each week’s program with faculty & staff from your institution. Copyright restrictions do not allow subscribers to electronically copy, transfer, or record the presentations or related materials without express permission from Magna Publications.

If you are not an active subscriber, please honor our copyright and contact us to purchase the Monday Morning Mentor series.

Can I, or our institution, view programs in the Monday Morning Mentor Series that were previously held in the semester, or in previous semesters?

No, once each weekly program access ends, it is no longer available for viewing on the Monday Morning Mentor site. The options are to purchase on-demand access to the specific program(s), or to purchase a copy of the program with a Campus Access License. Please visit the Magna Publications web site (https://www.magnapubs.com/online/mentor/) for a listing of available 20-Minute Mentor programs & multi-packs.

For previously held programs in the Monday Morning Mentor Series, can I be sent via email copies of the seminar handouts, transcript, or other supplemental materials?

We do not provide or send related materials (handouts, transcripts, supplemental materials) from previously held programs once access to the program ends on the web site. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to access the content for each weekly program while it’s available.

Can I get a report of who accessed the programs from my institution?

Because individual users are not required to register or provide an email address or other personal information, we do not offer usage reporting for the Monday Morning Mentor Series.

What devices does the Monday Morning Mentor series work on?

The Monday Morning Mentor website is a responsive design, so you can use any PC, Mac, or mobile device including tablets and smart phones. The site and its content are best viewed in the latest versions of Internet browsers including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The video uses the video player software that is on your device.

If you are using Chrome and do not see the video player, please close any extra tabs, clear the cache, and then reload the page.

What are the software requirements for viewing the materials that are included?

You will need a PDF reader. For PC or Mac you may use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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